Our Experience

Compotech Srl has a consolidated experience in suggesting and supplying a wide range of thermoplastic components for aggressive or High-Purity fluids (Fittings,Valves,Tubings and others).

Customers appreciate our technical assistance in finding the proper solution to specific needs in any  field of industrial application (Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Water Treatment, Gas analysis).

We can supply free samples for testing or for prototype purposes.

Our inside Warehouse allows us to deliver from Stock most of items required.

No Pack quantities are requested. 

We import directly from qualified USA manufacturers and distribute our components all over  Italy and  Europe.

We are European Authorized Distributor of original Jaco thermoplastic fittings. 

Chemical Industry

impianti chimici


Primary Water treatment Plants

impianti trattamento acque primarie

Our highly fluorinated special plastics (PVDF, PFA, PTFE) products are also corrosion-resistant for handling aggressive media and guarantee a long service life. 

  • Dosing of Chemical reagents (through Dosing Pumps)

  • Metallic surfaces Galvanic treatments

  • Electro-chemical Plants (Production of

    Chlorine,Caustic soda,HCL)

  • Pharmaceutical Plants: active ingredients for pharmaceutical use

  • Scrubbers for organic and inorganic water-soluble chemical substances removal

  • Sampling systems from chemical Reactors

  • Recycling of chemicals: costs saving and environment protection

  • Chemicals mixing on-line

  • Laboratory equipment for Analysis routines 

To get clean water at different purity levels. Examples:

    • Water softening (osmosis), for civil or domestic potable water and others.

    • For laboratories or Pharmaceutical industries (ultra clean water)  

    • For Hospitals (for emodyalisys systems)

    • ECA (Electro chemical activation):a method based on water + salt  solution electrolysis to get water activated (Anolyte) for a chemicals-free disinfection.

    • Chlorine Dyoxide (CLO2) generators: used for water disinfection against “Legionella” dangerous bacteria. The chemical reaction using also acid requires our PVDF JACO fittings.
    • OZONE Generators:  Ozone gas (O3) is a strong oxidant having full  bactericide action.  It allows an ecological method to disinfect water or ambient air ( food industry) Our PVDF Jaco fittings are suitable with Ozone.


Waste Water Treatment Plants

trattamento acque di scarico industriale





Chemical Liquids and Gas Analyzers

analizzatori gas e liquidi chimici

Waste Water coming from:

  • Agrifood

  • Paper Factories

  • Paint Factories

  • Oil in water separation

  • Sludge dewatering

  • Industrial Laundries

  • Rainwater treatment

  • Graphic Companies

  • Ceramics

  • Industrial instrumentation for gas analysis in chemical reactors

  • Analyzers (Water or Air) to control pollution.

  • Surface water monitoring

  • Drinking water analysis

  • Ultrapure water monitoring

  • Monitoring wastewater treatment plants outlets

  • In-site Autosamplers devices

  • NO3 Nitrate Analyzers