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Main Properties


Suitable with strong Acids (Teflon Ball+ Hastelloy Spring)Option KALREZ (TM DuPont) O-Ring  instead of  Viton




 PVDF Check Valve Teflon Ball +Hastelloy Spring
 *1/4 to 1/2NPT ends
 *Viton O-Ring
  *Cracking Press: 0,2 Bar
 *Max Press:15 Bar   *Max temp: 80 C°
Sizes available:
  • 1/4NPT *through hole: 5 mm *L= 36mm  Ex= 16mm
  • 3/8NPT *through hole: 6 mm *L= 38mm  Ex= 20,5mm
  • 1/2NPT  *through hole: 9 mm *L= 45mm  Ex= 23mm